Motion Graphics

Graphic animations for corporate events, websites, trade shows, and digital signage. Fred Knack of JumpWire Video can create engaging content to make your projections, video walls, and LCD screens shine.

Video Shooting & Editing

Video editing for corporate events and social marketing campaigns. JumpWire Video can take existing content or shoot new footage and edit it into compelling and informative short form videos.

Projection Mapping

JumpWire Video specialises in multi-screen video and 3D projection mapping onto irregular surfaces. In a competitive marketing environment dynamic visuals can make your brand stand out and give your company a social media bump.

Electronic Installations

Electronics designed by JumpWire can help bring your brand experience out of the box. Touchscreens, circuits, sensors, buttons, and LED lighting can take your brand experience beyond point and click.

Featured Projects

Featured Video

Rich Media Programming

Web based presentations, Kiosk touch applications, and custom social media display solutions are all part of the new media mix. JumpWire can program a wide variety of interactive media to help your brand inform and inspire. Visit our experiments page to see some of the potential of interactive rich media.

Touch Screen Development

Using a variety of tools and platforms JumpWire can design and program engaging interactive media or touch applications.

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